2023 Hospitality, Golf & Country Clubs State of the Market Mid-Year Report

2023 Hospitality, Golf & Country Clubs State of the Market Mid-Year Report

Download the 2023 Hospitality, Golf & Country Clubs State of the Market Mid-Year Report

With shortages in the labor force, disruptions in supply chains, and evolving consumer preferences, the hospitality sector is undergoing a substantial transformation within a highly turbulent market. Within the realm of private golf and country clubs, a novel type of customer has emerged. As newfound affluence comes to the forefront and societal dynamics undergo changes, the expectations of these patrons are also shifting. In tandem with conventional offerings, potential members are now seeking elements of health and well-being, opportunities for pickleball, and an ambiance reminiscent of café culture. Golf and country clubs are further adapting to cater to different generations within family units, addressing the requirements of both members’ descendants and their grandchildren.

This evolution in consumer behavior necessitates a reimagining of the club experience. It mandates the acquisition of additional funding, as well as a response to the prevailing labor landscape. The labor crisis has significantly impacted this industry. Not only does the soaring cost of labor play a pivotal role, but the increasing frequency of natural disasters has led to heightened demand for labor within the construction sector, profoundly disrupting the pool of workers available to the hospitality industry. These challenges underline the imperative for reinvention, coupled with a keen understanding of contemporary consumer demands and preferences.

The restaurant sector is undergoing a confluence of factors influencing its trajectory. Much like the broader labor market within the hospitality industry, all facets of restaurant operations—from fast food to quick service, family dining to upscale experiences—are grappling with difficulties. Existing restaurant employees are finding themselves burdened with expanded job responsibilities, contributing to fatigue, burnout, and an elevated risk of workplace injuries. We detail these trends and changes in our full Market Report.

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