[Conference] Radiology Business Management Association

[Conference] Radiology Business Management Association

Evolve to Thrive

The last few years have tested our industry’s resilience. We’ve survived and through the explosion of innovation, we’ve reinvented delivery systems and patient care. Now, it’s time for the next challenge – we must RESOLVE to Evolve leadership, operations, talent, and marketing strategies to win in an increasingly competitive market.

At 2023 PaRADigm, attendees can expect to leave with insights that challenge basic assumptions about how to create, deliver and capture value and provide tools to help you identify the most critical areas of your business model that needs to evolve and adapt to shifting factors around their practice.

Join BKS Partners at booth 511 on April 2nd – 5th, 2023 in Hollywood, FL

Register Here: https://web.cvent.com/event/346d5e4c-d4a4-40e3-88b0-6e41159ad2f7/summary?rt=95Ctiz6liUiab6Ma4o3hqA

Learn more about the RBMA Conference here: https://www.rbma.org/PaRADigm2023/Home/PaRADigm2023/Home.aspx?hkey=a1a5af62-1cc4-4135-9734-7dd2b83a0905

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