February 2023 Pulse Newsletter

February 2023 Pulse Newsletter

This Month’s Focus: Friendships at Work

People with a close friend at work are not only more likely to be healthier and happier, they’re also 7x more likely to be engaged in their daily work.

By the Numbers

2 out of 10 people have a best friend at work.

Americans are more likely to make friends at work than any other way – more than at school, at the gym, or in their neighborhood.


The Importance of Work Friendships:

With the average American spending 81,396 hours in their lifetime at the workplace, it’s important to foster healthy connections with colleagues. People who regularly feel connected with others tend to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. They’re more resilient, have better mental and emotional health, and less feelings of worry, sadness, and stress.

The organization Gallup indicates how powerful a best friend at work is as it’s proven to be strongly related to business outcomes. Friends at work engage customers, get more done in less time, share ideas, and have fun. If you’ve ever thought having work friends wasn’t beneficial, think twice.

Reads & Soundbites

  • Read – How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
  • Podcast – The Importance of Friendship by Radio Headspace


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