March 2023 Pulse Newsletter

March 2023 Pulse Newsletter

This Month’s Focus: Nutrition & Mental Health

What you eat not only fuels you, but impacts your mental health. People who eat a lot nutrient-dense foods have less depression and higher levels of happiness.

By the Numbers

25% of overall cancer cases can be prevented with a diet high in fruits and veggies.

Top 2023 Diets

  • Mediterranean Diet
  • DASH Diet
  • Flexitarian Diet

More than 80% of US Adults’ diets are low in veggies, fruits and dairy.


Foods for the Brain & Mood:

Vitamin D: This is needed for strong bones and the health of your muscles. A deficiency of Vitamin D has been linked to higher rates of depression and seasonal affective disorder. Be out in the sun a few times in the week and eat fatty fish like salmon and tuna.

Folate: This includes folic acid and vitamin B9. Studies have shown that an increase folate intake is tied with a lower risk of depression. Folate is important for healthy hair, skin, nails, liver and red blood cell production. Kale, beans, and whole grains are top choices.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: These acids seem to have a mood-stabilizing effect and help boost the effectiveness of antidepressants and young adults with ADHD. Walnuts, olive oil, salmon, sardines and trout are rich in omega-3s.

Source: Mental Health America – Eating with Mental Health in Mind.

Reads & Soundbites

  • Read: The Mind-Gut Connection by Emeran Mayer, MD
  • Podcast: Nutrition Diva
  • Podcast: The Nourished Child


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