[Webinar] MHPAEA 102: Understanding and Mapping the Employer’s MHPAEA Audit & Compliance Obligations

[Webinar] MHPAEA 102: Understanding and Mapping the Employer’s MHPAEA Audit & Compliance Obligations


In this part two of our two-part mental health parity and addiction equity educational series, we delve deeper into the topic of mental health parity, specifically addressing the Department of Labor’s MHPAEA guidelines for self-funded health plan sponsors.

We’ll look at the DOL’s self-compliance tool for employer plan sponsors and discuss how this tool may help an employer obtain and maintain MHPAEA compliance assuredness. We’ll also work through the actionable steps of the MHPAEA obligations required of self-funded plan sponsors to ascertain, and demonstrate in a written comparative analysis, each plan’s state of mental health parity compliance.

It is suggested that interested participants who did not attend the MHPAEA 101 broadcast on January 31, 2023, request an emailed link to view an archived recording of the presentation, as an understanding of the foundational information provided in the MHPAEA 101 program is a suggested component of successful contemplation and administration of the employer obligations detailed in part two of our MHPAEA educational series.

A Baldwin Professional Education Connection Webcast.

Speakers include:
Bill Freeman (S)
Jason Sheffield (S)
Marie Smith (M)

Apr 26, 2023 01:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Register Here https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_qbrtXpwySt24fKhJVKxkhw

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