[Webinar] HIPAA 103: An Introduction to HIPAA’s Breach Notification Rule & HIPAA’s Enforcement Rule

[Webinar] HIPAA 103: An Introduction to HIPAA’s Breach Notification Rule & HIPAA’s Enforcement Rule


Education reflective of HIPAA’s Enforcement and Breach Notification rules rounds out our HIPAA Complete foundational series respecting HIPAA’s four main rules.

In this module, participants will explore the substantive requirements underlying the concept of breach notification, including the specific conditions giving rise to the breach notification requirements, as well as the practical performance of these requirements, including form, content, dissemination, and archival of notifications.

Next, we’ll tackle the Enforcement Rule to obtain an understanding of the additional requirements from the 2013 Omnibus HIPAA Rule, along with an overview of the enforcement process for HIPAA breaches and administrative simplification violations.

Through an understanding of the various enforcement levers available to the Office for Civil Rights, as well as the larger US Health and Human Services organization, participants will glean advanced knowledge respecting avoidance and preparedness for the HIPAA enforcement process.

A Baldwin Professional Education Connection Webcast.

Speakers include:

Natashia Wright (S)
Jason Sheffield (S)
Marie Smith (M)

Live Recording:

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