Pool Safety Tips to Help Limit Liabilities and Losses

Pool Safety Tips to Help Limit Liabilities and Losses

Summer is prime pool time. With the new season upon us, now is a good time to prepare your pool and facility for maximum enjoyment and safety for all.

20% of pool injuries occur at public pools (including apartment buildings & condo complexes) Source: pool safely.gov

Along with sprucing up the hardscape, replacing the deck chairs, and painting the locker rooms, make sure that you adhere to and enforce safety codes and standards that can keep your pool and surrounding property a clean, safe place to swim all summer long.

The reasons are clear. Public pool and hot tub operators can be held responsible for incidents if it’s found they failed to provide a safe environment for their guests.

Here are just a few examples of potential loss-causing situations:

  • If a guest is injured by broken glass or another sharp object left on the pool surrounding.
  • If a swimmer gets sick from bacteria found in your pool water because it wasn’t tested correctly.
  • If someone suffers a concussion or other serious injury after diving from a faulty diving board.
  • If a shortage of lifeguards (or personnel trained in CPR) leads to a delayed response in an emergency.
  • If a wet floor in the locker room causes someone to slip and fall.
  • If vandalism occurs after closing when someone is able to enter the pool area through an unlocked gate.

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